Photo: HS/Seelmann

Hamburg Observatory

Head of Group

Prof. Dr. Peter H. Hauschildt
Professor of Astronomy
Hamburger Sternwarte
Gojenbergsweg 112, Room 011, Direktorenvilla
21029 Hamburg
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Available thesis projects

Students interested working with us can expect tasks heavily focused on software engineering, algorithm development, data mining, and systematic comparison between models and observations. Earlier programming experience is recommended as is a knack for delving slightly too deep into the underlying theory.

Currently, we offer the following student research projects:

  • Modelling of irradiated exoplanets. You will apply our code to compute model grids for varied system parameters such as host star type, separation, or irradiation angle in order to study effects on spectra and general observability.
  • Modelling of hot stars involving winds and NLTE effects. You will compute NLTE models of hot stars with and without winds. A follow-up comparison with literature data is critical to appraise the necessity of detailed NLTE model atoms and may contribute to their overall improvement.
  • Sensitivity analysis of NLTE models. You are going to develop and implement a method to predict the dependence of NLTE computations on input data, i.e., the relation between input cross sections and the resulting occupation numbers across the model atmosphere. This work is instrumental for distinguishing which atomic data sets are already sufficiently well constrained for reliable results and which input will require further improvement.
  • There are always additional topics available so feel free to inquire.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our research or if you consider joining us and would like to get to know our work group.